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The commercial transaction of IPv4 addresses is booming business

Worldwide shortage of IPv4 addresses has ignited the monetization of these numerical identifiers. Shortage and surplus among businesses caused a trade in IPv4 addresses against staggering rates. Facilitating in the transaction are specialized IP address brokers that connect buyers and sellers looking to either purchase, sell or lease IPv4 addresses. One of such brokers is Prefix Broker; an industry leader and recognized RIPE NCC broker mediating between partners across the globe. 


Growing interest in IPv4 addresses 


When the RIPE NCC announced it had run out of unique IPv4 addresses to allocate, businesses worldwide were forced to work with the limited number of existing IP addresses. Naturally, a trade market emerged where buyers and sellers alike find one another to transfer IPv4 addresses. However, the IPv4 address exhaustion demanded professional mediation from brokers to pave the way for successful transactions.


Given the vast number of businesses looking to buy IPv4 addresses and the significantly lower number of companies able to sell, the lease of IPv4 addresses became a popular alternative. Surplus IPv4 addresses currently not in use by owners can be leased against attractive rates. This allows businesses to still access the world wide web while developing networking systems to facilitate the transition to the new IPv6 addresses. All the while the leased Ipv4 addresses allow for a temporary yet successful solution to the shortage. 


Specialized IPv4 address broker


To support companies in their search to either buy, sell or lease Ipv4 addresses, Prefix Broker upholds an extensive worldwide network of partners. They are thus able to successfully bring parties together and mediate in determining trade conditions. Operating from The Netherlands, Prefix Broker is active in 75 countries and has already facilitated the transfer of 7,1 million IPv4 addresses.  


As a mediating party, Prefix Broker is able to affiliate trusted buyers and sellers and support in the transfer of funds and registration of ownership according to RIPE NCC standards. 


Experienced and knowledgeable 


From the start, Prefix Broker has been part of constructing the architecture of the current RIPE transfer policies and adhere to them by the letter. Only parties authorized to trade will thus be taken up in their network of partners. In addition, Prefix broker provides guidance in negotiations on price, timing, governing law and currency and assists in obtaining approval to transfer by the RIR. 


Is your company looking to either buy, sell or lease IPv4 addresses? Select a trusted broker to help you navigate the complex practice of IPv4 address transactions.